Thursday, August 08, 2013

Who's Who of Philanthropreneuring OR How to be among the First 88

Starting 1 September 2013, we will produce the 1st Who's Who in  Philanthropreneuring, showcasing business consultants and coaches who dedicate a significant portion of their billing hours monthly(usually around 25%) to support good causes.


We have all seen the Who's Who vanity campaigns, where a position can be purchased for a nominal sum in the "Who's Who' du jour. Well intended we are certain, yet that sort of frivolousness has NO place in the Plan P Philanthropreneuring campaign.

So, with no further ado, we announce the 1st 88 for 88 weeks invitational. From 15 August 2013 through 1 March 2015 we are inviting YOU to propose YOUR credentials for qualifying as a Philanthropreneur.

Here is my diary on how I arrived at this situation as a guideline.

Now, are You ready?

1. Do You see charities and non profits as stakeholders in the global economy?

2. Are You willing to contribute 28% of one billable hour @ 28/hour for next 28 weeks to a good cause of Your choosing?

3. Are You ready to work with the new MBA(Marketing by Association) AND Pebbles in the Pond niche marketing and forsake the 'Branditis' that pervades our economy?

4. Are You ready to be acknowledged as a leader in Your Consulting or Coaching Practice ?

5. Are You ready to access nearly 400 Million eager young minds who thirst for Socially Responsible Mentors from US AND Live in the BRICI(Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia) developing global economies?

Challenge Yourself. Watch this video. Contact Me @

AND For those well inclined to begin this process, we recommend an Introductory session which lays the groundwork for Your Plan P Philanthropreneuring Process @

Or The Plan P Ebook Is Now Available Here with 1 Hour Of Online Coaching with ME ! !

Be the Change in the World.

Patrick D.
Fully Engaged Philanthropreneur

We hope that we can count on Your participation as a new Philanthropreneur and assist with a shift towards "Giving While Making a Living" in Your professional services career.

And Here is a FreEbook4Good with a History of Philanthropreneuring as our Gift to You

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Are You A Philanthropreneur In The Making?

This blog is a diary of the beginnings and continued elements of becoming a Philanthropreneur, and we suggest that You consider whether this New strategy fits with Your Vision and Life Purpose. We offer a coaching and training service, based on a Five Course session, to shift Your Consulting or Coaching practice towards a 'Giving While Making a Living' process.

We are offering for August through December 2013, weekly online sessions, by appointment, to convey the initial stages of this process. The sliding scale of investment is based on time commitment and also how much You are ready to absorb and implement.

We are offering a teleclass in three segments:

28 Minutes @ 28.00 USD 'The Basics of Plan P'
48 Minutes @ 48.00 USD 'Making a Plan P CV and B4B Network
68 Minutes @ 68.00 USD 'Designing a Bundled Ebook with Consulting in Plan P'

Sessions are conducted via Skype, Google Hangouts or Google Talk

We are accepting reservations(pre paid) through our paypal account here. Full satisfaction is assured with an unconditional policy of customer satisfaction.

Once Your Reservation is received we will send the information pack for each respective Plan P level and arrange for an appointment which is mutually agreeable.

Ready to Begin Your Plan P Philanthropreneuring Campaign? Select the appropriate level of investment and follow instructions via PayPal.

Plan P Coaching Session with Ebook
My Introduction to Plan P Philanthropreneuring

Coaching Options w/Ebook

Each session also includes a copy of the new Ebook4Good "My Introduction to Plan P Philanthropreneuring" in a format that suits industry standard epub readers(Kindle and Nook available on special request).

We hope that we can count on Your participation as a new Philanthropreneur and assist with a shift towards "Giving While Making a Living" in Your professional services career.

Patrick Dacre
A Practicing Philanthropreneur

And Here is a FreEbook4Good with a History of Philanthropreneuring as our Gift to You

Thursday, August 01, 2013

This is a Diary which profiles the History Of My Personal Migration towards Philanthropreneuring

Welcome to a New Day in Business Development with a New Model called Philanthropreneuring. As my video shows, we are designing this model so that You can develop a new "Giving While Making a Living" source of income, EVEN if operated from the bedroom or closet of Your home(as we are doing). The intention is to train 100's of Socially Responsible Consultants, Coaches, and advisors in this new paradigm where the Cause for Your Life guides the direction of Your Work.

We are developing a B4B(Business 4 Business) Services Guide for 2013, where coaches and consultants will be offering entry level services as part of the Philanthropreneuring YoU courses. Each month we will train and release a group of 8 Philanthropreneurs in Training to focused communities of potential clients AND raise a substantial amount of Diverted income(usually 28% of gross revenue) to a Women's or Children's charity.

Basic courses are conducted online in a series of Five coaching and tutoring lessons, via online google Hangouts, and after those sessions YoU will be eligible to participate as a Plan P(Philanthropreneur) consultant or coach.

Courseware 2013

Basics of Being In Business4Good
How to Connect via Marketing by Association(MBA)
Positioning Your B4B services for greater good
Delivering on the Promise of Philanthropreneuring
Cooperative Marketing as a B4B Team Member

Each course is three one hour sessions over 10 days with 1 year of follow up support.

First Introduction to Plan P is via Google Hangouts Here

We have provided Three levels of participation below:

28 Basic Level includes monthly blog updates and notifications of ALL campaigns as they release.

48 Basic II Level Includes a Personal Coaching session and Entry to the First Five Lessons.

88 Experience Level Includes a Personal Business4Good Planning session and Entry to First Five Lessons.

Your participation as a member of this new and emerging successor to Entrepreneuring is in alignment with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and in answer to the Billionaire's Pledge ( We have no intention of waiting to be worth a billion dollars OR Die to be Giving While Making a Living.

I invite you to connect with me and explore how this new direction may be just what is perfect for the next phase of Your life or career. If You care to pre enroll choose one of the levels below and we will arrange for those benefits to be delivered via Long Distance Services of my Consulting firm.

Welcome to a New Business Plan "P" @

Patrick Dacre
Chief Encouragement Officer
In Business4Good Enterprises
Skype ID InBusiness4Good2006

We hope that we can count on Your participation as a new Philanthropreneur and assist with a shift towards "Giving While Making a Living" in Your professional services career.

And Here is a FreEbook4Good with a History of Philanthropreneuring as our Gift to You

Here is a link to an example of this process from my Ebook consulting practice. Each enrollee will be tasked to develop a similar reading material approach.

And another one from My Ebook Philanthropreneuring campaigns

Why Make Your Ebook Free When It can be Doing Some Good 

Monday, June 25, 2007

And When InBusiness4Good Becomes the Norm

I got this today, via Yahoo. When this model becomes the norm, these numbers will be a pale memory of what was before. The Retail economy, at around 20 Trillion, with a mere 22% allocated to good, would serve the needs of society much more effectively.

From AP...

NEW YORK - Americans gave nearly $300 billion to charitable causes last year, setting a new record and besting the 2005 total that had been boosted by a surge in aid to victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma and the Asian tsunami.

Donors contributed an estimated $295.02 billion in 2006, a 1 percent increase when adjusted for inflation, up from $283.05 billion in 2005. Excluding donations for disaster relief, the total rose 3.2 percent, inflation-adjusted, according to an annual report released Monday by the Giving USA Foundation at Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy.
Giving historically tracks the health of the overall economy, with the rise amounting to about one-third the rise in the stock market, according to Giving USA. Last year was right on target, with a 3.2 percent rise as stocks rose more than 10 percent on an inflation-adjusted basis.
"What people find especially interesting about this, and it's true year after year, that such a high percentage comes from individual donors," Giving USA Chairman Richard Jolly said.
Individuals gave a combined 75.6 percent of the total. With bequests, that rises to 83.4 percent.
The biggest chunk of the donations, $96.82 billion or 32.8 percent, went to religious organizations. The second largest slice, $40.98 billion or 13.9 percent, went to education, including gifts to colleges, universities and libraries.
About 65 percent of households with incomes less than $100,000 give to charity, the report showed.
"It tells you something about American culture that is unlike any other country," said Claire Gaudiani, a professor at NYU's Heyman Center for Philanthropy and author of "The Greater Good: How Philanthropy Drives the American Economy and Can Save Capitalism." Gaudiani said the willingness of Americans to give cuts across income levels, and their investments go to developing ideas, inventions and people to the benefit of the overall economy.
Gaudiani said Americans give twice as much as the next most charitable country, according to a November 2006 comparison done by the Charities Aid Foundation. In philanthropic giving as a percentage of gross domestic product, the U.S. ranked first at 1.7 percent. No. 2 Britain gave 0.73 percent, while France, with a 0.14 percent rate, trailed such countries as South Africa, Singapore, Turkey and Germany.
Mega-gifts, which Giving USA considers to be donations of $1 billion or more, tend to get the most attention, and that was true last year especially.
Investment superstar Warren Buffett announced in June 2006 that he would give $30 billion over 20 years to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Of that total, $1.9 billion was given in 2006, which helped push the year's total higher.
Gaudiani said that gift reflects a growing focus on using donated money efficiently and effectively.
"I think it's also a strategic commitment to upward mobility exported to other countries, in the form of improved health and stronger civil societies," she said.
The Gates Foundation has focused on reducing hunger and fighting disease in developing countries as well as improving education in the U.S. Without Buffett's pledge, it had an endowment of $29.2 billion as of the end of 2005.
Meanwhile, companies and their foundations gave less in 2006, dropping 10.5 percent to $12.72 billion. Jolly said corporate giving fell because companies had been so generous in response to the natural disasters and because profits overall were less strong in 2006 over the year before.
The Giving USA report counts money given to foundations as well as grants the foundations make to nonprofits and other groups, since foundations typically give out only income earned without spending the original donations.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolution for Career Path

This is an example of how the InBusiness4Good campaign has evolved, and has set the direction for our work for the next 20 years. Enjoy and share with a friend.

Here's the campaign overview, which would work brilliantly for your efforts on behalf of the Global Campaign we discussed. Please review this, and advise your next interesting steps. I anticipate we'll have your version on our main plate within the next week or so, with your activated blessings of continued support.

Global Campaigns for Media and Distribution of Spiritual Messaging

This campaign is focused on providing to specific spiritual communities, a major online development and management, of a media, messaging, and support system projects, such that the spiritual community will become a significant aspect of the online communities lives, and by extension through their connections with offline associates, effect a massive shift of life on our planet.

Focusing on the ability of the Internet, in it's many variations, from desktop connections, through handheld music players, this campaign will provide a continuous stream of information, gleaned from the available or produced messaging materials, such that when aligned with high focus news events, a perspective will be shared that enlightens our planet's population, with a message of hope, giving, love, joy, and harmony.

The Research Phase

With more than 200,000 active communities online, each of them focused on a specific topic or thems, and numbering now, depending on the method of measurement, from 100 million to 500 million participants, there is an opportunity to reach, through non-traditional media such as the digital world, a massive amount of the planet, in a relatively short period of time. Each spiritual community will go through a 6 to 12 week research phase, where the main messages from that community, will be compared with the topical references active in the online community.

The Packaging Phase

During the Research Phase, the messaging will be 'Packaged" according to the most predominant means of communications(e.g. music. film, video, etc) based on which community is more vibrationally consistent with that message. Since each community will have a fairly well defined communications strategy, evident in that communities preferred online behaviour, the packaging will consist of tailoring the message so that it's most consistent with the existing community norms. This phase requires a 4 to 6 month project approach, and can be updated continuously, based on additional research or feedback.

Support System Phase

Each of the communities will have a major 'cause du jour' as it's called, where a community service project will require support in a material sense. This campaign, designed to produce a communications system, a merchandising system, and a media system, will coordinate the messaging of the spiritual community, with the current community focused cause needs. This phase usually requires 4 to 6 weeks for start up, and then is refreshed quarterly with additional expansion of that support material.

Expansion Phase

In association with the communities online, this word of mouth approach, is ongoing, and builds the core messages from the spiritual community in a way that it perpetuates through the internet. This is a major difference from the mainstream media, where impact is key. This approach, makes it possible for those enlightened by the message, to simply share that with others in their online communities, and therefore expand the spiritual message beyond their own personal issues.

Timing for the campaign launch

The entire campaign requires a 6 to 12 month commitment of time and resources, and will flow in this manner:

Start up Research

Our team of researchers, numbering from 1 to 4, will engage in online research, which yields the most likely strategic plan for disseminating the message on behalf of our clients. This is quite time intensive, and requires a focused attention of the research group.

Investment for each researcher for 2 to 3 months $ 2500.00 per month

Packaging Phase

These professionals are artists at their craft, and are selected for their understanding of the needs of the specific medium that's required.

Investment for each packaging professional for 2 to 3 months $4000.00 per month

Community Project Coordinators

These individuals are either selected from the communities, and co manage the campaigns, or are recruited due to their compatibility with the message or their ability to translate through the technology to the community.

Investment for each community coordinator for 4 to 6 months

$2000,00 per month

Overall Management Team

For a variety of projects, there will and overall management/facilitation team, who has the responsibility to assist, encourage, and anticipate the needs of the key players above. As your point of contact, they are in the customer service mode continuously, and availabe on call, either electronically or via more traditional means

Investment for Management Liason for length of campaign(usually 6 to 12 months)

$ 25,000 on contract

So, with that in mind, here's my proposal.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

PeaceMakers News Report Dream Coming Real

Here's the program profile for the 1st edition, going live online on 11/1 from the NYC studios of

PeaceMakers News Report

Three 88 minute reports, covering these topics of Peace

The Path of Peace...a running narrative of the most recent global visits of HH the Dalai Lama.

Satyagraha, The Next 100 Years...personal reports from the Gandhi Peace & Non-Violence Centers, in Rochester, NY(Arun Gandhi) and Mumbai, India(Tushar Gandhi) who are descendants of Mahatma Gandhi.

Governments of Peace..profiles the efforts to create a US Department of Peace with Exec. Director Dot Maver and a profile of the US Peace Government with John Hagelin

Tourism for Peace..a panel discussion by three international travelers, from SERVAS, the UN aligned organization of nearly 14,000 indpendent travelers for peace observation and development. Followed by the IIPT , and the World Peace Passport certification program.

Making a Personal Peace with 9/11..a retrospective film expression, featuring on the street footage filmed by Enrique Montiel, a Colorado film maker, in the weeks just after the 2001 event in NYC.

PeaceJam profile, a group in Colorado, who just did their 10th event, introducing the PeaceMakers to youth from around the world.

Tentative appearances by Jean Houston, for Communites for Peace, and a songwriter, inspired by the Four Agreements, will be included as the program becomes more certain.

The audience online is calculated at around 100,000 during the live webcast, starting in NYC time zone at noon on 11/1, with a projected online audience of nearly 4 million over the run of the program in rebroadcast mode.

I hope you find this to be useful information, and all supportive expressions are gratefully accepted. In fact, we've even set up a membership club, for this campaign, which is right here.

Hope you find this information valuable.


People's Network 4 Peaceful Media Campaigns
Patrick Michaels
Chief Encouragement Officer
HarmonyNet Media Group

Want to be your own boss? Learn how on Yahoo! Small Business.

Monday, January 23, 2006

To Blog or Not To that a ?


Jumped up this morning, with a notion. Here goes. What say you we simply codify this business for good model, post it here, and allow all to simply pick it up, use it for their own good, and compensate our campaign with what they are guided to provide?

Well..nuff said..Let's begin, shall we?

In Business 4 Good Premise: This is the model which we've elected to manifest, through the skills set we've been given. To wit, the essential element of this campaign is to make it possible for ANYONE, regardless of their personal HandiCapableness(and aren't we all challenged in one part of our lives?), to create an online business, that raises a significant(usually 25%) of the revenues for their favorite charity or community group.

Here's some numbers for our review:

Again, depending on the source, worldwide retail household spending, which is handled at least 75% by women, is around 7 to 10 Trillion dollars(from a Google search on global retail spending). retail spending for 2005 is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 500 billion. So, considering that some will buy online, others will buy through toll free service(we have both in our model), let's just say that our community goal would be to redirect 50 Billion of that spending, a mere drop in the retail bucket, to good?

So, we'll need to set up at least 200,000 entities, all doing some good. Selling around 200 Billion in goods and services, to yield the 50 Billion for good. So, 200 Billion divided by 200 thousand, is
1,000,000(check my math here) for each entity. Assuming a 22% retained earnings(gross profit margin) from the sale of the goods and services, that would mean around 200,000 in annual cashflow through(formerly known as income).

So, who would like to come play with us? Simply send an email to this address

Hope to hear from some of you.

Patrick Michaels
Chief Encouragement Officer
HarmonyNet Media Group

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Open PR Press Release for In Business 4 Good

We've just opened up a PR campaign, through Open PR online, which will serve as our vehicle for bringing traditional world media attention to our campaigns.

You can find that information through this link.

YouTube Sponsored Videos Help with Our Campaign