Saturday, October 07, 2006

PeaceMakers News Report Dream Coming Real

Here's the program profile for the 1st edition, going live online on 11/1 from the NYC studios of

PeaceMakers News Report

Three 88 minute reports, covering these topics of Peace

The Path of Peace...a running narrative of the most recent global visits of HH the Dalai Lama.

Satyagraha, The Next 100 Years...personal reports from the Gandhi Peace & Non-Violence Centers, in Rochester, NY(Arun Gandhi) and Mumbai, India(Tushar Gandhi) who are descendants of Mahatma Gandhi.

Governments of Peace..profiles the efforts to create a US Department of Peace with Exec. Director Dot Maver and a profile of the US Peace Government with John Hagelin

Tourism for Peace..a panel discussion by three international travelers, from SERVAS, the UN aligned organization of nearly 14,000 indpendent travelers for peace observation and development. Followed by the IIPT , and the World Peace Passport certification program.

Making a Personal Peace with 9/11..a retrospective film expression, featuring on the street footage filmed by Enrique Montiel, a Colorado film maker, in the weeks just after the 2001 event in NYC.

PeaceJam profile, a group in Colorado, who just did their 10th event, introducing the PeaceMakers to youth from around the world.

Tentative appearances by Jean Houston, for Communites for Peace, and a songwriter, inspired by the Four Agreements, will be included as the program becomes more certain.

The audience online is calculated at around 100,000 during the live webcast, starting in NYC time zone at noon on 11/1, with a projected online audience of nearly 4 million over the run of the program in rebroadcast mode.

I hope you find this to be useful information, and all supportive expressions are gratefully accepted. In fact, we've even set up a membership club, for this campaign, which is right here.

Hope you find this information valuable.


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