Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolution for Career Path

This is an example of how the InBusiness4Good campaign has evolved, and has set the direction for our work for the next 20 years. Enjoy and share with a friend.

Here's the campaign overview, which would work brilliantly for your efforts on behalf of the Global Campaign we discussed. Please review this, and advise your next interesting steps. I anticipate we'll have your version on our main plate within the next week or so, with your activated blessings of continued support.

Global Campaigns for Media and Distribution of Spiritual Messaging

This campaign is focused on providing to specific spiritual communities, a major online development and management, of a media, messaging, and support system projects, such that the spiritual community will become a significant aspect of the online communities lives, and by extension through their connections with offline associates, effect a massive shift of life on our planet.

Focusing on the ability of the Internet, in it's many variations, from desktop connections, through handheld music players, this campaign will provide a continuous stream of information, gleaned from the available or produced messaging materials, such that when aligned with high focus news events, a perspective will be shared that enlightens our planet's population, with a message of hope, giving, love, joy, and harmony.

The Research Phase

With more than 200,000 active communities online, each of them focused on a specific topic or thems, and numbering now, depending on the method of measurement, from 100 million to 500 million participants, there is an opportunity to reach, through non-traditional media such as the digital world, a massive amount of the planet, in a relatively short period of time. Each spiritual community will go through a 6 to 12 week research phase, where the main messages from that community, will be compared with the topical references active in the online community.

The Packaging Phase

During the Research Phase, the messaging will be 'Packaged" according to the most predominant means of communications(e.g. music. film, video, etc) based on which community is more vibrationally consistent with that message. Since each community will have a fairly well defined communications strategy, evident in that communities preferred online behaviour, the packaging will consist of tailoring the message so that it's most consistent with the existing community norms. This phase requires a 4 to 6 month project approach, and can be updated continuously, based on additional research or feedback.

Support System Phase

Each of the communities will have a major 'cause du jour' as it's called, where a community service project will require support in a material sense. This campaign, designed to produce a communications system, a merchandising system, and a media system, will coordinate the messaging of the spiritual community, with the current community focused cause needs. This phase usually requires 4 to 6 weeks for start up, and then is refreshed quarterly with additional expansion of that support material.

Expansion Phase

In association with the communities online, this word of mouth approach, is ongoing, and builds the core messages from the spiritual community in a way that it perpetuates through the internet. This is a major difference from the mainstream media, where impact is key. This approach, makes it possible for those enlightened by the message, to simply share that with others in their online communities, and therefore expand the spiritual message beyond their own personal issues.

Timing for the campaign launch

The entire campaign requires a 6 to 12 month commitment of time and resources, and will flow in this manner:

Start up Research

Our team of researchers, numbering from 1 to 4, will engage in online research, which yields the most likely strategic plan for disseminating the message on behalf of our clients. This is quite time intensive, and requires a focused attention of the research group.

Investment for each researcher for 2 to 3 months $ 2500.00 per month

Packaging Phase

These professionals are artists at their craft, and are selected for their understanding of the needs of the specific medium that's required.

Investment for each packaging professional for 2 to 3 months $4000.00 per month

Community Project Coordinators

These individuals are either selected from the communities, and co manage the campaigns, or are recruited due to their compatibility with the message or their ability to translate through the technology to the community.

Investment for each community coordinator for 4 to 6 months

$2000,00 per month

Overall Management Team

For a variety of projects, there will and overall management/facilitation team, who has the responsibility to assist, encourage, and anticipate the needs of the key players above. As your point of contact, they are in the customer service mode continuously, and availabe on call, either electronically or via more traditional means

Investment for Management Liason for length of campaign(usually 6 to 12 months)

$ 25,000 on contract

So, with that in mind, here's my proposal.

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