Monday, January 23, 2006

To Blog or Not To that a ?


Jumped up this morning, with a notion. Here goes. What say you we simply codify this business for good model, post it here, and allow all to simply pick it up, use it for their own good, and compensate our campaign with what they are guided to provide?

Well..nuff said..Let's begin, shall we?

In Business 4 Good Premise: This is the model which we've elected to manifest, through the skills set we've been given. To wit, the essential element of this campaign is to make it possible for ANYONE, regardless of their personal HandiCapableness(and aren't we all challenged in one part of our lives?), to create an online business, that raises a significant(usually 25%) of the revenues for their favorite charity or community group.

Here's some numbers for our review:

Again, depending on the source, worldwide retail household spending, which is handled at least 75% by women, is around 7 to 10 Trillion dollars(from a Google search on global retail spending). retail spending for 2005 is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 500 billion. So, considering that some will buy online, others will buy through toll free service(we have both in our model), let's just say that our community goal would be to redirect 50 Billion of that spending, a mere drop in the retail bucket, to good?

So, we'll need to set up at least 200,000 entities, all doing some good. Selling around 200 Billion in goods and services, to yield the 50 Billion for good. So, 200 Billion divided by 200 thousand, is
1,000,000(check my math here) for each entity. Assuming a 22% retained earnings(gross profit margin) from the sale of the goods and services, that would mean around 200,000 in annual cashflow through(formerly known as income).

So, who would like to come play with us? Simply send an email to this address

Hope to hear from some of you.

Patrick Michaels
Chief Encouragement Officer
HarmonyNet Media Group

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