Friday, December 23, 2005

How this works

Now that there is a little breathing room, perhaps I can provide some perpective on how the IB4G campaign has manifested itself.

In Business for Good
A New Beginning for Economics
And Business Development
V 1.02 Wednesday, August 10, 2005

“In Business for Good” is an economic business development model, designed for the explicit purpose of redirecting a substantial percentage of existing buying behavior to the coffers of local and international community support organizations. Focused on the primary focus market of women from 25 to 70, each participating entity in this evolvement campaign will be challenged to provide a ‘top of the line’ contribution, vice a bottom line, pre-tax donation, to a charitable institution, non-profit entity, community organization, at a level from 10 to 25% of the gross retail value of the product or service.

The premise of this campaign was inspired in a remote place on the Earth, where many episodes of rawthentic and original thinking take place. Perhaps this is due to the ‘clear air’ environment that pervades this remote location, or perhaps it’s the absence of intrusive distractions or obstacles. Whichever is your understanding, this particular incident (which is the core word of co-incidence, by the way), was percolated within the crucible of Kauai, the most western of the main islands of Hawaii. On a particular February week, this author, along with my family, were supporting one of the many community based events, namely the building of the Friends of Kamalani pavilion (see for more information on that group’s admirable efforts.)

The project leader, along with the lead architect, namely one Bob Leathers, an esteemed developer of over 30 years duration of children’s’ recreational facilities around the world, were instrumental in the formation of the core idea for this campaign.

At that time, surrounded by some of the local community organizations’ leaders, from the United Way, to the local Arts council, to the radio show personality that supports these efforts, a question was posed to me.

“What can you do with the Internet to raise needed funds for our groups?”

As the resonance of that question rang in my ears, and cascaded through the formidable rafters of my mind, a glimmer of an idea, merely a passing notion, perhaps, formed. What would ‘it’ look like ‘when’ the entire idea of running an online funding development company (the seed of ‘In Business for Good’), which could radically alter the landscape of community support. Surely this would be a worthy effort for a recently transported technically adroit marketing philanthropreneur.
Mulling on this idea, and letting it resonate within the echoing chambers of my prior experiences, the light flickered, and then glowed. After a series of research projects, here are the initial conclusions that were drawn, and hence form the essence of the causation of this campaign.

A. In round figures, approximately $ 1 Trillion dollars is donated, granted, or given annually around the world. This may be within 20% either way, yet suffices for this example.
B. According to a long list of credible sources of information, the projected retail economy of the US/Canada/Europe is approximately 30 to 45 Trillion dollars.
C. The major market segment, by gender/population, that supports more than ¾ of all retail activity, is women between 25 and 60. This varies among market areas, of course, yet on average, this example will suffice for our review.
D. Interestingly, and perhaps, this is the major issue here, is that the same group of women, represents nearly 80% of the support pool that contributes the valuable < $100.00 that many of the charities depend on for a growing amount of their annual budgets.

So, with this in mind, we begin. To align with a ‘validation’ marketing approach, where cooperation, support, encouragement, sharing of information and with the activated participation of locally based, independent musical and creative artists, we stand at the edge of opportunity. Are you ready to join us? Do you feel the ‘chicken skin’(Hawaiian expression for goose bumps) as you consider that drawing a percentage of more than 30 Trillion dollars, that’s already being spent, and redirecting up to 25% of that good to the needs of a local organization. And this would represent a supplement to the donation pool, and IN FACT, represents a “MORE ACCESSIBLE” source of funding than merely reorganizing the tentatively shrinking donation pool.

So, with that pre-amble, let us begin. The journey of a thousand steps commences with one intentional decision. To become a Philanthropreneur, and engage your energies, creativity, and inspiration, to an “In Business for Good” model. Welcome to the opening of a chapter in economic history, that may represent the most significant shift of emphasis since the rise of mercantilism.

Your Humble Servant,

Patrick Michaels
From the Middle of Somewhere

August 8, 2005 Update

In the proof of concept stage of any business model, there is the apparent requirement for a demonstration of the viability of the premise on which the model is based. Such as this is a combination of various proven models, and in light of the scale and proportion of the vision of the CEO, its incumbent on us to effect just such a public demonstration. Like Jonas Salk did with his initial polo vaccine, by injecting himself with the first formula, we will ‘inoculate’ our business by launching a dynamic campaign to prove the concept in situ. So, with no further preliminary understandings, we commence the “In Business for Good” campaign with the Major Development Peace & Non-Violence Music/Media events:

A Peace & Non-Violence Auction from Paradise
November 2005

This electronically accessible event will feature the accumulated artistic expressions of various members of the community of the island of Kauai, the westernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands. Each of the artists will be encouraged to contribute one of their most ambitious expressions that support Good Causes and Community Organizations around the world.

Peace & Non-Violence Album Reviews/Listings (Top 88)

The declaration of Kauai as the Peace & Non-Violence Entertainment capital of the world, in August of 2005, we are preparing an online music review guide that will feature samplers of the top 88 songs from around the world. These top tunes, will be rated on the merits of the number of freely shared downloads, the number of benefit gig CD’s that carry them, and also with the number of units purchased as gifts of Peace for another person.

Peace & Non-Violence Icons/Awards

As each community group, online discussion group, or media outlet adopts the P & NV music support method, we will ‘award’ them a “Heartbeat” award, in one of five categories. Each of them will be provided with a kiosk/support center link, which duplicates the current merchandising/marketing arrangements, in a Community Commons approach to distribution.

The Heartbeat Award Nomination Campaign

We will open this ‘people’s choice’ award to the larger P & NV community, asking that there be a progressive and continuing process of nominations for this ‘award’ which is a celebration of the commitment of certain artists to the Ahimsa nature of the Peace & Non-Violence themes.

Peace & Non-Violence Support Centers aligned with Churches and Communities

Peace & Non-Violence Uploading sites

Much like the re-fueling stations that permeate the traditional world’s distribution systems (warehouses, depots, etc), these sites will carry the most important aspects of uploading or downloading facilities. Some candidates for this are, Real Networks, EBay, Google, etc.

Peace & Non-Violence Media Centers

Oriented to propagate and communicate the essence of what’s working in the world of Peace & Non-Violence, these existing electronically enabled communications companies will be packaged in a ‘media’ gift, sponsored through merchandising and support payments (subscriptions) from the P & NV communities.

Peace & Non-Violence Musician Profiles

A veritable who’s who of the Peace & Non-Violence community, these artists will be honored for their continued commitment to non-violent non-cooperative shift by the expression of their creative potentials.

The Peace & Non-Violence Music Newsletter

The Peace & Non-Violence Celebrants’ Personal Playlists

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