Friday, December 23, 2005

Welcome to In Business for Good

The basis for the In Business 4 Good Business Model

The objective of the IB4G Model of operations is focused on a systematic redirection of existing consumer spending, in the primary areas of music, entertainment, videos, art and collectibles. A flat percentage conversion, usually 25%, and drawn from the expenses typically allocated to marketing, public relations, packaging, promotion, and legal departments, will be allocated, in advance, as a top of the line “Community Investment” item.

Key components of this campaign are:

Community focused word of mouth market velocity generation

Digital based market research, promotion, and distribution

The Gifting phenomenon associated with the ‘hard to buy for’ consumer, specifically, the Cultural Creatives.

Refocusing and extending the ‘helping’ nature of the primary core consumer group, women between 25 and 60, who account for nearly 75% of all retail household purchasing, and nearly 80% of all charitable contributions under 100.00 US.

Leveraging of the intergenerational matrix of communications, among women, and providing means of accessing that matrix through digital community technologies.

Structure of the enterprise: This is a for profit association of media, music, development, and distribution/marketing enterprises, entering into project focused campaign to raise money for Good Causes around the world. Utilizing a Marketing Activism template, we will focus our efforts in responding to the current world situations, and providing a continuing, and evolving organic means of support centers, available through digital and electronic communities.

All funds will be made available, at the conclusion of the campaigns, which usually will run for 100 days, in the form of a grant. In some cases, such as the Ebay Giving Works campaign auctions, will be diverted upon conversion(sale) to the registered good cause of note.

The ground breaking approach to funding will ensure a continuous stream of revenues, drawn from the retail sector activity, and allocated in a Pay Forward mode, to eligible good causes.

For further information on this campaign, connect with this online journal(blog) where our progress will be updated as we continue to develop this new economic and business model.

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