Thursday, August 01, 2013

This is a Diary which profiles the History Of My Personal Migration towards Philanthropreneuring

Welcome to a New Day in Business Development with a New Model called Philanthropreneuring. As my video shows, we are designing this model so that You can develop a new "Giving While Making a Living" source of income, EVEN if operated from the bedroom or closet of Your home(as we are doing). The intention is to train 100's of Socially Responsible Consultants, Coaches, and advisors in this new paradigm where the Cause for Your Life guides the direction of Your Work.

We are developing a B4B(Business 4 Business) Services Guide for 2013, where coaches and consultants will be offering entry level services as part of the Philanthropreneuring YoU courses. Each month we will train and release a group of 8 Philanthropreneurs in Training to focused communities of potential clients AND raise a substantial amount of Diverted income(usually 28% of gross revenue) to a Women's or Children's charity.

Basic courses are conducted online in a series of Five coaching and tutoring lessons, via online google Hangouts, and after those sessions YoU will be eligible to participate as a Plan P(Philanthropreneur) consultant or coach.

Courseware 2013

Basics of Being In Business4Good
How to Connect via Marketing by Association(MBA)
Positioning Your B4B services for greater good
Delivering on the Promise of Philanthropreneuring
Cooperative Marketing as a B4B Team Member

Each course is three one hour sessions over 10 days with 1 year of follow up support.

First Introduction to Plan P is via Google Hangouts Here

We have provided Three levels of participation below:

28 Basic Level includes monthly blog updates and notifications of ALL campaigns as they release.

48 Basic II Level Includes a Personal Coaching session and Entry to the First Five Lessons.

88 Experience Level Includes a Personal Business4Good Planning session and Entry to First Five Lessons.

Your participation as a member of this new and emerging successor to Entrepreneuring is in alignment with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and in answer to the Billionaire's Pledge ( We have no intention of waiting to be worth a billion dollars OR Die to be Giving While Making a Living.

I invite you to connect with me and explore how this new direction may be just what is perfect for the next phase of Your life or career. If You care to pre enroll choose one of the levels below and we will arrange for those benefits to be delivered via Long Distance Services of my Consulting firm.

Welcome to a New Business Plan "P" @

Patrick Dacre
Chief Encouragement Officer
In Business4Good Enterprises
Skype ID InBusiness4Good2006

We hope that we can count on Your participation as a new Philanthropreneur and assist with a shift towards "Giving While Making a Living" in Your professional services career.

And Here is a FreEbook4Good with a History of Philanthropreneuring as our Gift to You

Here is a link to an example of this process from my Ebook consulting practice. Each enrollee will be tasked to develop a similar reading material approach.

And another one from My Ebook Philanthropreneuring campaigns

Why Make Your Ebook Free When It can be Doing Some Good 

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