Thursday, August 08, 2013

Who's Who of Philanthropreneuring OR How to be among the First 88

Starting 1 September 2013, we will produce the 1st Who's Who in  Philanthropreneuring, showcasing business consultants and coaches who dedicate a significant portion of their billing hours monthly(usually around 25%) to support good causes.


We have all seen the Who's Who vanity campaigns, where a position can be purchased for a nominal sum in the "Who's Who' du jour. Well intended we are certain, yet that sort of frivolousness has NO place in the Plan P Philanthropreneuring campaign.

So, with no further ado, we announce the 1st 88 for 88 weeks invitational. From 15 August 2013 through 1 March 2015 we are inviting YOU to propose YOUR credentials for qualifying as a Philanthropreneur.

Here is my diary on how I arrived at this situation as a guideline.

Now, are You ready?

1. Do You see charities and non profits as stakeholders in the global economy?

2. Are You willing to contribute 28% of one billable hour @ 28/hour for next 28 weeks to a good cause of Your choosing?

3. Are You ready to work with the new MBA(Marketing by Association) AND Pebbles in the Pond niche marketing and forsake the 'Branditis' that pervades our economy?

4. Are You ready to be acknowledged as a leader in Your Consulting or Coaching Practice ?

5. Are You ready to access nearly 400 Million eager young minds who thirst for Socially Responsible Mentors from US AND Live in the BRICI(Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia) developing global economies?

Challenge Yourself. Watch this video. Contact Me @

AND For those well inclined to begin this process, we recommend an Introductory session which lays the groundwork for Your Plan P Philanthropreneuring Process @

Or The Plan P Ebook Is Now Available Here with 1 Hour Of Online Coaching with ME ! !

Be the Change in the World.

Patrick D.
Fully Engaged Philanthropreneur

We hope that we can count on Your participation as a new Philanthropreneur and assist with a shift towards "Giving While Making a Living" in Your professional services career.

And Here is a FreEbook4Good with a History of Philanthropreneuring as our Gift to You

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